TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2016, 70, abstr. 14 (also presented at CORESTA 2016)

Puff-by-puff tar, nicotine and carbonyl profiles under different smoking regimens of commercial cigarettes with various carbon filter technologies

Celanese, Narrows, VA, USA

Puff by puff smoke analysis has shown that the CelFX® carbon filter technology has similar nicotine and tar smoke delivery profiles but with significantly reduced carbonyls, particularly in the first 6 puffs, compared to a cellulose acetate filter. Prior work used a 3R4F Kentucky reference cigarette tested with ISO methodology but with vent holes blocked.

CelFX® carbon filter, carbon-on-tow filters and cellulose acetate filters. Additionally, the impact of ISO versus Canadian Intense on puff-by-puff basis will also be analyzed. Prior work used hand assembled cigarettes with no ventilation showed a reduction in gas-phase efficiency in later puffs. This work will seek to assess that impact in ventilated designs, as well as to show the results under more intense smoking regimes. The delivery profiles of tar, nicotine, and carbonyls reductions will be summarized.