CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2021, Online, ST 23

A quicker method for the analysis of ammonia in cigarette smoke by ion chromatography

ITG Brands, LLC, Greensboro, NC, U.S.A.

In 2019 at the TSRC, we presented a quicker and robust method using a Dionex CS18 column for the analysis of ammonia in e-cigarette aerosols and e-liquids by ion chromatography. The method has a short run time of 13 minutes (including equilibrating time). However, for cigarette smoke, the ammonia content is much higher than in e-cigarettes, presenting a challenge to achieve a baseline separation of the ammonium peak from the preceding sodium peak. By utilizing plastic impingers instead of glass impingers for smoke collection, the amount of sodium in sample solutions has been greatly reduced, and thus a baseline separation of ammonium and sodium peaks can be achieved. The trapping efficiency study indicated that a combination of one filter pad and one impinger is sufficient for smoke collection. When quartz filter pads (Whatman QM-A) are used, the sodium peak in sample solutions is even lower than when using Cambridge glass fiber filter pads. A Cerulean SM 450 smoking machine has been utilized to generate smoke from cigarettes, while a Dionex ICS 5000 ion chromatography system has been used for the analysis. The new method has a calibration range of 0.1 µg/mL to 10 µg/mL. The ammonia results generated for the 1R6F reference cigarettes using this new method are in good agreement with the certified values as documented on the Certificate of Analysis from the University of Kentucky.