Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Vienna, 1984, p. 139, PP28, ISSN.0525-6240

Scopula ochroleucaria II.S. (Lepid., Geometridae) injurious to tobacco in Campania (South Italy)

Istituto Sperimentale per il Tabacco, Scafati, Italy
Observations were carried out on unusual attack by Scopula ochroleucaria II.S. to Sun-Cured tobacco seedlings (Xanthi and Samsum) in greenhouse. Larvae feed on young leaves often cutting the petiole. Adults are active at night; mated females lay eggs singly (or in small clusters) overside and underside of the tobacco leaves with their longitudinal axes perpendicular to the surface. In the Laboratory larvae pupate into the soil in a heart cocoon. The life-cycle (from laying to the death of the adults) ranged from 48.58 +- 0.51 days at 27.degree.C to 79.52 +- 0.18 days at 22.degree.C. Duration of life stages at 27.degree.C and 75% RH was 4.73 +- 21 (incubation), 22.82 +- 0.46 (larval stage), 8.39 +- 0.19 (pupation), 12.64 +- 0.55 (adult stage) days. Life stages at 22.degree.C lasted 7.80 +- 0.20; 35.88 +- 0.41; 13.23 +- 0.22; 23.83 +- 0.44 days respectively. Maximum number of eggs/O (102.53 +- 3.13) was obtained at 21.5.degree.C. Females fertility was rather low (about 20% of eggs laid hatched). Flight activity starts at the end of May, peaking in September-October.