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  1. CORESTA Congress, Kunming, 2018, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 09

    Puff-by-puff analysis of nicotine, menthol and other volatile components in menthol flavoured heat-not-burn tobacco product

    LI Jingjing; LIU Weijuan; GUO Tingting; HOU Ying; LIU Shengyi
    Ruvian Technology Ltd., Kunming, P.R. China; Yunnan Reascend Tobacco Technology (Group) Co., Ltd, Kunming, P.R. China; Yunnan Comtestor Co., Ltd, Kunming, P.R. China
    Heat-not-burn (HnB) tobacco products have rapidly become an accepted alternative to cigarettes worldwide in recent years. Since the main additives in tobacco materials of HnB products, such as nicotine, menthol and other volatile components, are...