1. CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2017, Kitzbühel, STPOST 11

    Investigation of gene expression profile of cells after e-cigarette and cigarette smoke exposure

    TIAN Yongfeng; DUAN Yuanxing; ZHAO Wei; YANG Ji; ZHAO Yang; ZHU Donglai; ZHANG Xia; GONG Xiaowei; HONG Liu; MIAO Mingming; YANG Liu; CHEN Yongkuan
    China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd of CNTC, Technical and Research Center, Yunnan, P.R. China
    To evaluate the cellular damage caused by e-cigarettes (e-cigs) and combustible cigarettes with respect to inflammatory expression, comparative analysis between two types of e-cigs and three types of combustible cigarettes were conducted. The aerosol...