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  1. 48th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2018, abstr. 15

    Evaluation of dark fire-cured SRC (Stable Reduced Converter) lines with ZYVERT™ technology in Kentucky and Tennessee field trials

    BAILEY W.A.(1); RODGERS C.(1); PITT B.(2)
    (1) University of Kentucky, Princeton KY USA; (2) University of Tennessee, Springfield TN USA
    Field experiments were conducted at the University of Kentucky Research & Education Center in Princeton KY and at the University of Tennessee Highland Rim Research & Education Center in Springfield TN for five years (2013-2017) to compare ...
  2. 48th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2018, abstr. 64

    An overview of conservation tillage tobacco in Tennessee

    WALKER E.(1); BAILEY W.A.(1); RHODES N.(1); DENTON P.(2); FOWLKES D.(3)
    (1) University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN USA; (2) GAP Connections, Knoxville TN USA; (3) Burley Stabilization, Springfield TN USA
    Conservation tillage tobacco has been evaluated in Tennessee for over 30 years. During this time, no-till and strip-till systems have been compared with conventional tillage. Advantages of conservation tillage tobacco include soil and moisture ...
  3. 48th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2018, abstr. 68

    Effect of floor insulation on curing efficiency of dark fire-cured tobacco

    RODGERS C.(1); BAILEY W.A.(1); REED T.D.(2)
    (1) University of Kentucky, Princeton KY USA; (2) Virginia Tech, Blackstone VA USA
    Dark-fired tobacco growers in western KY and TN spend an estimated $4 million annually on materials for firing the crop. Design of newly constructed dark-fired tobacco barns in this region are generally cross-tier, 32 to 36 ft. wide, 3 to 4 tiers high, ...