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  1. Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Yokohama, 1996, p. 76-79.

    Environmental tobacco smoke and lung cancer: an evaluation of the risk

    IDLE J.R.
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Institute of Cancer Research and Molecular Biology, Medical Technical Research Centre, Trondheim, Norway
    The author is Chairman of the European Independent Working Group on Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer whose report was released in May 1996. The report addresses the possible association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and ...
  2. Ann. Tabac, 1989, Sect. 2-22, p. 103-24., ISSN.0399-0354

    The production of tobacco in small clods of earth. Study of the germination and feeding with nutritive solution

    S.R.T.P.N. _ IER, BP 281, Bamako, République du Mali.
    The success of the production of tobacco seedlings in small clods is dependant upon a germination as even and as regular as possible. For a given type of seed, germination depends on the level of humidity in the medium, therefore it is of utmost ...