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  1. 47th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2016, abstr. 66

    Tobacco-free campus initiative combined with carbon monoxide monitoring and counseling: quitting strategy for Kuwait College nursing student smokers

    OMU F.F.(1); AL-KANDARI I.(1); AL-MARZOUK R.(1); PAULRAJ D.(1); RAJAGOPAL M.(1); JOHN P.(1); OMU A.E.(2)
    (1) College of Nursing, The Public Authority for Applied Education & Training, Safat, Kuwait; (2) Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University, Kuwait
    Background: Smoking cessation involves changing of unhealthy smoking habit which accounts for 63% of global deaths. This study was in response to the United Nations General Assembly Global Forum for Non-communicable Disease’s invitation to nurse ...