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  1. CORESTA Congress, Quebec, 2014, Agronomy/Phytopathology Groups, APPOST 24

    The difference of cadmium tolerance in two varieties of Nicotiana tabacum L. and effect of exogenous abscisic acid on cadmium accumulation in Nicotiana tabacum L.

    DENG Xiaopeng(1); XU Zhaoli(1); HE Lian(2); XIA Yan(2); SHEN Zhenguo(2)
    (1) Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Agricultural Sciences, China Tobacco Breeding Research (Southern) Center, Kunming, P.R. China; (2) Nanjing Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Nanjing, P.R. China
    Hydroponic cultures were conducted to investigate the tolerance and accumulation of cadmium (Cd) between two varieties of N. tabacum L., ‘MS-Yunyan87’ and ‘MS-K326’. The effect of Cd and abscisic acid (ABA) on growth and Cd accumulation in tobacco...