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  1. Bull. ARN, 1992, p. 35-52., ISSN.1146-6200

    Description of the chemical and physical behaviour of environmental tobacco smoke during the ageing of the smoke. Corraboration of transfer between the liquid and gas phases of tobacco smoke

    CERTSM-DCAN, Toulon-Naval, France
    The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between the level of contaminants in the atmosphere of a closed chamber and the number of cigarettes smoked, and to follow the changes in particulate and gas phases of the atmosphere with time. The...
  2. Bull. ARN, 1989, p. 34-41., ISSN.1146-6200

    Changes in puff parameters and smoke constituant uptake (COHb, urinary cotinine) in smokers after switching from medium to low tar cigarettes

    CERTSM-DCAN, Toulon-Naval, France
    Two groups of six blend full flavor cigarette smokers smoked alternately for one week period two kinds of cigarettes specially designed for the study and which differed with respect to their filter ventilation : in one hand, an unventilated one (full...