1. CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2017, Kitzbühel, ST 63 (also presented at TSRC 2017)

    A computational model to characterize the Vitrocell® Cell Exposure System for evaluation of aerosols

    CASTRO N.(1); ROSTAMI A.(1); KUCZAJ A.(2,3); LUCCI F.(2); OLDHAM M.J.(1); PITHAWALLA Y.B.(1)
    (1) Altria Client Services LLC, Center for Research and Technology, Richmond, VA, U.S.A.; (2) Philip Morris Products S.A. (part of Philip Morris International group of companies), PMI R&D, Neuchâtel, Switzerland; (3) Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, Faculty EEMCS, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
    In vitro exposure systems can be used as tools for toxicological assessment of e-cigarette aerosols. The VITROCELL® exposure system is designed such that exposure of cell cultures to the aerosol occurs at the air/liquid interface, which is relevant...
  2. CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2015, Izmir, Turkey, AP 41

    Effects of different growth temperatures on alkaloid content and nicotine metabolism in roots, stems and leaves of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plants

    JIN Y.F.(1); WANG S.S.(1); LI J.Y.(2); PANG T.(2); ZHANG J.B.(1); GONG M.(1)
    (1) School of Life Sciences, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, P.R. China; (2) Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Agricultural Sciences, Kunming, P.R. China
    Alkaloids, especially nicotine content, significantly influences quality and flavour types of tobacco leaves, which is differentially regulated by various environmental conditions. To investigate the effects of different growth temperature on...
  3. CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2015, Izmir, Turkey, APPOST 06

    Materials, energy and value flows analysis of different tobacco planting patterns in Southern Anhui area

    ZHANG Jiguang(1); ZHANG Zhongfeng(1); YAO Zhongda(2); ZHANG Fujian(2); GUO Dongfeng(2); JI Xuejun(3); ZHU Qifa(3); XUE Lin(3); SHEN Guoming(1)
    (1) Tobacco Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Key Laboratory of Tobacco Biology and Processing, Ministry of Agriculture, Qingdao, P.R. China; (2) China Tobacco Anhui Industrial Co. Ltd., Hefei, P.R. China; (3) Anhui Wannan Tobacco Leaf Co. Ltd, Xuancheng, P.R. China
    The reasonable choice of tobacco planting pattern is very important to improve the efficiency of tobacco field ecosystems and to promote the sustainable development of modern tobacco agriculture. In this study, the materials, energy and value flow...
  4. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2013, 67, abstr. 84

    Identification of volatiles with nematicidal activities from sphingobacteriumnematocida zy-71-1 and control efficiency to Meloidogyne incognita.

    XI Jiaqin(1); QIN Xijia(1); LIN Dengbin(2); SHENG Yinqi(1); ZHEN Songji(1); HE Moming(3); QUN Xuechao(1); SHAN Wangguang(1); HUA Guojian(1)
    (1) Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of CNTC, Zhengzhou, P.R.China; (2) Guangxi Tobacco Industrial Co. Ltd, Nanning, P.R. China; (3) Yunnan University, Kunming, P.R. China
    Chemical pesticide is an effective way in controlling tobacco disease, but it caused some problems such as environmental pollution, ecological balance destruction and chemical residues. So biological control of tobacco disease attracts more and more...
  5. CORESTA Congress, Sapporo, 2012, Agronomy/Phytopathology Groups, APPOST 09

    Cloning and bioinformatic analysis of orange protein (OR) gene from Nicotiana tabacum

    LEI Bo(1); LU Kun(2); DING Fu-zhang(1); LIU Xiao-rong(2); HU Zhong-yi(1); PAN Wen-jie(1)
    (1) Guizhou Tobacco Science Research Institute, Guiyang, Guizhou, P.R. China; (2) College of Agronomy and Biothehnology of Southwest University, Chongqing, P.R. China
    Previous microarray results indicated that the orange protein (OR) gene in the carotenoid biosynthesis pathway showed significant differential expression in leaves between moderate and light aroma tobacco areas. In order to obtain the full-length...
  6. CORESTA Congress, Sapporo, 2012, Agronomy/Phytopathology Groups, APPOST 12

    Biocontrol efficiencies and identification of nematicidal metabolite from strain BJLSH9 towards nematode and Phytophthora nicotianae

    DUAN Yan-qing(1); LI Ping(2); ZHE Wei(1); XI Jia-qin(3); XIA Jianjun(1); WANG Wenyuan(1); JIANG Junxiang(1); MO Ming-he(2)
    (1) Technology Center of Hongyun Honghe Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd, Wuhua District, Kunming, P.R. China; (2) Key Laboratory for Conservation and Utilisation of Bio-Resources, Yunnan University, Kunming, P.R. China; (3) Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of CNTC, Zhengzhou, Henan, P.R. China
    BJLSH9, an actinomycete exhibiting both nematicidal and antifungal activities, was isolated from rhizospheric soil of willow in Beijing. Bioassay results in vivo showed that BJLSH9 displayed a 50.05% efficiency to suppress radial growth of...
  7. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 3, p. 79-82, ISSN.1002-0861

    Identification of Ralstonia solanacearum isolated from Burley planted soil and its biovars

    WU Weiling(1); ZHANG Dinggui(2); YANG Shuiying(3); WANG Han(1); LI Hong(1); LI Zhenlun(1)
    (1) College of Resource and Environment of Southwest University, Chongqing 400716, P.R. China; (2) Dazhou Branch of Sichuan Province Tobacco Company, Dazhou 635006, Sichuan, P.R. China; (3) College of Plant Protection of Southwest University, Chongqing 400716, P.R. China
    In order to establish a method which is rapid and low in cost, for isolating and identifying the viable cells of Ralstonia solanacearum E.F. Smith (R. solanacearum) in burley planted soil, a semiselective medium (PCCG) combined with polymerase chain...
  8. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 4, p. 56-59, 66, ISSN.1002-0861

    Analysis of residues of famoxadone and fenamidone in tobacco

    ZHU Baokun(1); LIAO Yuqi(2); JIANG Juxing(1); WANG Sujuan(1); LIU Ya(1); XIA Jianjun(*1)
    (1) Hongyun-Honghe Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., Kunming 650202, P.R. China; (2) School of Chemical Science and Technology, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091, P.R. China
    A method for fast testing the famoxadone and fenamidone residues in tobacco leaves with ultra-high performance liquid chromatography was developed by using acetonitrile as an extraction solvent. Twenty-two flue-cured tobacco samples were tested. The...
  9. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 4, p. 60-66, ISSN.1002-0861

    Cloning and bioinformatics analysis of orange protein (OR) gene from Nicotiana tabacum

    LEI Bo(1); LU Kun(2); DING Fuzhang(1); LIU Xiaorong(2); HU Zhongyi(1); PAN Wenjie(1)
    (1) Guizhou Tobacco Research Institute, Guiyang 550081, P.R. China; (2) College of Agronomy and Biotechnology of Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, P.R. China
    In order to obtain the full-length sequence of NtOR and reveal its biological function, the full-length cDNA and genomic DNA sequences of NtOR were cloned from cv. K326 using homologous cloning method, and logged in GenBank (accession numbers...
  10. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 4, p. 72-75, ISSN.1002-0861

    Structural characteristic analysis and mRNA expression of Cathepsin B gene in Nicotiana tabacum

    ZHAO Min(1); WANG Changguo(1); LIU Jin(2); KOU Mingyu(1); LI Ning(1); WU Yan(1); DAI Ya(*1); XIA Qingyou(*2,3)
    (1) Technology Center of China Tobacco Chuanyu Industrial Co., Ltd., Chengdu 610066, P.R. China; (2) College of Biotechnology, Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, P.R. China; (3) Institute of Agronomy and Life Science, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400030, P.R. China
    In order to clarify the function of Cathepsin B gene (NbCathB) in Nicotiana tabacum, the sequence of NbCathB was analyzed. The NbCathB ORF (Open Read Frame) was 951 bp in length and encoded 316 amino acids with the predicted molecular weight of 35.2...