1. 49th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2020, abstr. 75

    Tobacco production programming in the Suwannee River Valley of North Florida

    VANN C.D.(1); WYNN K.(1); BROUGHTON D.(1); MOORE J.M.(2); VANN M.C.(3)
    (1) University of Florida, FL USA; (2) University of Georgia, Tifton, GA USA; (3) North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC USA
    Since the 1920s, the Suwannee River Valley of North Florida has been known for producing premium quality tobacco. Over the years a Tobacco Extension Program has evolved which assists local producers with current production practices, governmental...
  2. CORESTA Congress, Berlin, 2016, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 25

    Has the EU reduced cigarette ignition propensity standard led to fewer fires and fire deaths?

    SONDIK E.; SCHAENMAN P. (presented by GHOSH D.)
    TriData LLC, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.
    Careless smoking is one of the highest causes of fire deaths in most western nations. To reduce fire deaths, the EU mandated that all cigarettes sold from November 17, 2011, must pass an ISO test standard intended to reduce their ignition propensity....
  3. CORESTA Congress, Berlin, 2016, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, STPOST 26

    A review of aerosol exposure systems relative to the analysis of cytotoxicity: a CORESTA In vitro Toxicity Testing Sub-Group perspective

    (1) British American Tobacco, R&D Centre, Southampton, U.K.; (2) Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH (an Imperial Brands PLC Company), Hamburg, Germany; (3) Japan Tobacco Inc., Scientific Product Assessment Centre, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan; (4) KT&G Corporation, Daejeon, South Korea; (5) RAI Services Company, Winston-Salem, NC, U.S.A.; (6) Covance Laboratories Ltd, Harrogate, U.K.; (7) Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of CNTC, Zhengzhou, P.R. China
    Aerosol exposure systems offer researchers a variety of ways to customise the exposure set-up, modify experimental parameters and provide a novel and versatile platform for in vitro aerosol research. These systems produce an aerosol that more closely...
  4. Tob. Sci., 1992, 36, p. 8-9., ISSN.0082-4623.

    Species composition of parasitoids of the tobacco aphid, Myzus nicotianae Blackman (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Eastern Tennessee

    University of Florida, Dept. of Entomology and Nematology, Gainesville, FL, USA.
    The tobacco aphid, Myzus nicotianae Blackman, was commonly parasitized on tobacco plants, Nicotiana tabacum L., in greenhouses but rarely in the field. Five species of primary hymenopteran parasitoids were collected from greenhouses; only one primary...
  5. Tob. Sci., 1958, 2-12, p. 53-63, ISSN.0082-4523

    Resistance to the root-knot disease of tobacco

    CLAYTON E.E.(1); GRAHAM T.W.(2); TODD F.A.(3); GAINES J.G.(4); CLARK F.A.(5)
    (1) American Sumatra Tobacco Corp; (2) USDA and South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station; (3) North Carolina State College; (4) USDA and Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station (5) Florida Agricultural Experiment Station - USA
    This study of resistance to the root-knot-nematode disease of tobacco (Meloidogyne incognita) was begun in 1935. Collections of Nicotiana tabacum were obtained from Mexico, Central and South America and tested for resistance. TI 706 was selected as...