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  1. CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2019, Victoria Falls, AP Sustainability Forum

    Agro-Phyto Sustainability Forum

    WILDE L.(1); PRIBIC V.(2); EVANS W.(3); ROYO E.(4); BARGIACCHI E.(5); COLARD S.(6)
    (1) twentyfifty Ltd, Frome, U.K.; (2) JT International S.A., Geneva, Switzerland; (3) Imperial Tobacco Limited, Durban, South Africa; (4) Philip Morris International, Cape Town, South Africa; (5) Consortium INSTM, Firenze, Italy; (6) CORESTA, Paris, France
    In 2015, the United Nations published 17 sustainable development goals and their corresponding targets to be achieved by 2030. Like other sectors, the tobacco and alternative product sectors are likely to impact most of the...
  2. CORESTA Congress, Berlin, 2016, Poster Session, APSTPOST 01

    The CORESTA Standard of Cooperation – document management

    (1) British American Tobacco Germany GmbH, Germany; (2) SEITA-Imperial Tobacco, Fleury-les-Aubrais, France; (3) CORESTA, Paris, France
    The vision of CORESTA is “to be recognised by our members and relevant external bodies as an authoritative source of publically available, credible science and best practices related to tobacco and its derived products.” To pursue this vision,...