1. CORESTA Congress, Kunming, 2018, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 25

    Misperception of e-cigarette harm growing among American adults, 2013-2015

    VERRON T.(1); GUO M.(1); VARIGNON B.(1); O'CONNELL G.(2); WALELE T.(2); CAHOURS X.(1)
    (1) SEITA - Imperial Brands plc, Paris, France; (2) Fontem Ventures B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes) have been characterised as significantly less harmful than smoked tobacco by an increasing number of public health authorities. However, the proportion of American adults who perceive e cigarettes to be equally or...
  2. CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2017, Kitzbühel, STPOST 08

    Indoor air quality and surface deposition assessment following use of an open system e-cigarette

    (1) Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH (an Imperial Brands PLC Company), Hamburg, Germany; (2) Fontem Ventures B.V. (an Imperial Brands PLC Company), Amsterdam, The Netherlands; (3) SEITA-Imperial Tobacco Limited, Fleury-les-Aubrais, France
    Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) nicotine delivery devices are growing in popularity worldwide. Both regulators and public health organisations are beginning to examine potential implications that exposure to exhaled e-cigarette aerosol may have on...