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  1. Tob. Reporter, 1993, 120, p. 49-54. Tob. Sci, 1993, 37, p. 59-64, ISSN.0361-5693

    Influence of transplanting and harvesting date on the agronomic and chemical characteristics of flue-cured tobacco

    Chem. Lab. Agric. Canada, Res. Station, Delhi, Ontario, Canada.
    A field experiment was conducted for two years on a Fox loamy sand soil to study the effects of transplanting and harvesting dates on selected agronomic, physical, and chemical characteristics of flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) grown in...
  2. Tob. Reporter, 1993, 120-6, p. 52-6. Tob. Sci, 1993, 37, p. 34-8, ISSN.0361-5693

    Laboratory assays for evaluation of products for control of pole rot of tobacco caused by Rhizopus arrhizus

    Agric. Canada Res. Station, Delhi, Ontario, Canada
    Procedures for the rapid screening of chemical products for control of pole rot of tobacco were developed. A leaf disk assay was developed using disks cut from mature leaves selected from greenhouse-grown plants ( Delgold ). Leaf disks were placed in...
  3. Tob. Reporter, 1991, 118-2, p. 11-9, ISSN.0361-5693

    Development of a theoretical model to predict the efficiency of flavor adsorption for tobacco cut-filler

    Japan Tobacco Inc., Tobacco Science Research Center, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.
    Historically, processes for the application of volatile flavors to tobacco cut-filler materials has depended solely on an adsorption process. Results from the author's study, employing both theoretical and empirical approaches, have indicated that...