1. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2017, 71, abstr. 014

    Analysis of isotopically labeled glycerol to measure exposure from e-cigarettes

    DIBBERN E.M.; KAFONEK C.J.; BROWN G.P.; DZERK A.M.; NACHI R.; NEWLAND K.E.; ISLAM R. (presented by Erika Pfaumiller)
    Celerion, Lincoln, NE, USA
    Electronic cigarettes (ecigs) have become a popular mode of nicotine ingestion. They are often promoted as being less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but research supporting that claim is incomplete. The main chemical components of ecigs are...
  2. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2017, 71, abstr. 067

    Development of an analytical method to detect methyl salicylate in human plasma

    MILLER S.(1); NEWLAND K.(2); LIU J.(1); SARKAR M.(1)
    (1) Altria Client Services, Richmond, VA, USA; (2) Celerion, Lincoln, NE, USA
    Wintergreen is used as a common flavor in many moist smokeless tobacco (MST) products and is also widely used as a food flavorant as well as an over-the-counter analgesic to relieve muscle aches. MST products, including wintergreen flavored products,...
  3. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2016, 70, abstr. 20

    Evaluation of a biomarker of oxidative stress: the 8-iso prostaglandin F2α: prostaglandin F2α ratio in human plasma

    MILLER P.(1); NEWLAND K.(1); DZERK A.(1); FARMEN R.(1); TRAN C.T.(2); HAZIZA C.(2); PICAVET P.(2)
    (1) Celerion, Inc., Lincoln, NE, USA; (2) Philip Morris International, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    F2-isoprostanes have been widely studied as biomarkers of oxidative stress for various indications, including smoking. Since both enzymatic biosynthesis and chemical lipid peroxidation can generate these biomarkers, there are various interpretations...
  4. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2016, 70, abstr. 23

    Reductions in biomarkers of exposure (BoE) to harmful or potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) following partial or complete substitution of cigarettes with electronic cigarettes in adult smokers

    O’CONNELL G.(1); GRAFF D.W.(2); D’RUIZ C.(3)
    (1) Fontem Ventures B.V, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; (2) Celerion Inc, Lincoln, NE, USA; (3) Fontem Ventures B.V Greensboro, NC, USA
    Changes in fifteen urine, blood and exhaled breath BoEs of HPHCs representing classes of compounds reported by FDA to be significant contributors to smoking-associated disease risks were measured in 105 clinical-confined subjects following...
  5. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2015, 69, abstr. 110

    Quantitative biomonitoring of urine mutagenicity: an alternative to classical ames test

    ISLAM R.(1); ISLAM C.(2)
    (1) Celerion Inc., Lincoln, NE USA; (2) Somru BioScience Inc., Charlottetown, Canada
    For more than 30 years the Ames test has been a widely used in-vitro method for the biomonitoring of urine mutagenicity due to exposure to tobacco products. Briefly, the Ames’ test detects point mutations and frame shifts based on the reversion of...
  6. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2014, 68, abstr. 15

    A comparison of two methods for the quantification of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in human urine

    Celerion, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
    A validated method for the determination of four tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) – NNAL, NNN, NAT, and NAB – was compared to a method published in 2009 in the Journal of Chromatography B 877: 1185-1192, by Kavvadias, Scherer, et al. Single sets...