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  1. Tob. Sci., 1995, 39-1, p.18-22., ISSN.0082-4623

    In vitro selection of glyphosate-tolerant tobacco callus lines and expression of herbicide tolerance in regenerated plants

    Bulgarian Acad. of Science, Inst. of Genetics, Dept. of Cell Genetics, Sofia, Bulgaria.
    The objectives of this study were the selection of glyphosate-tolerant callus cultures of important Bulgarian tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L,) cultivars, regeneration of tolerant calli, confirmation of tolerance in regenerated plants, and field testing of ...
  2. Tob. Sci., 1995, 39-2, p. 38-42., ISSN.0082-4623

    Hybridization between Nicotiana gossei Domin and N. tabacum L. for development of Oriental tobacco lines resistant to tobacco aphids and diseases

    Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Genetics, Sofia, Bulgaria.
    The disease- and aphid-resistant species, N. gossei (2n=36), was crossed with N. tabacum cv. Kroumovgrad 90, an Oriental tobacco type. The F 1 hybrids from this cross were all sterile. Regenerates of this cross were developed by in vitro methods, and they ...