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  1. Ann. Tabac, 1997, Sect. 2-29, p. 27-32., ISSN.0399-0354

    A biochemical study of tobacco subjected to cotyledon test : effect of magnesium, reactions of resistant and non resistant plants to Peronospora tabacina. VIII. A cytochemical study of lignin and phenolics

    D. Kostov Inst. of Genetics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
    The cytochemical localisation of lignin and phenolics in P. tabacina -infected susceptible and resistant tobacco genotypes was investigated. The work was carried out with seedlings grown according to the cotyledon test as a model system. It involved...
  2. Ann. Tabac, 1997, Sect. 2-29, p. 54-9., ISSN.0399-0354

    Induction of acidic pathogenesis-related (PR-1) proteins in Erysiphe cichoracearum D.C.-infected tobacco leaves

    D. Kostov Inst. of Genetics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
    It is demonstrated that in N. tabacum leaves acidic pathogenesis-related (PR-1) proteins are induced by the obligatory ectoparasitic fungus Erysiphe cichoracearum , causative agent of tobacco powdery mildew. No difference was shown between the...
  3. Ann. Tabac, 1998, Sect. 2-30, p. 3-9., ISSN.0399-0354

    Possible relation between tobacco resistance to aphids (Myzus nicotianae Blackman) and phenolic compounds in glandular trichomes and leaf epidermis

    Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Genetics, Sofia, Bulgaria.
    The localization of various phenolic compounds in tobacco leaves and their influence on the degree of infestation by aphids ( Myzus nicotianae Blackman) were assessed. The leaves of both immune and resistant tobacco lines from the interspecific...
  4. CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, Suzhou, 1999, AP24

    Genotypic and pathogenic variation among black shank of tobacco isolates of Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae from main tobacco regions of Yunnan Province and some tobacco regions of Shandong in China

    ZHANG Xiu Guo; LUO Wen Fu; LI Yun; ZHANG Tian Yu
    Agricultural University of Shandong, Dept. of Plant Pathology, Taian, China
    Pathogenic and genotypic variability among seven populations of Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae from individual tobacco fields in Qujing, Kunming, Honghe, Chuxiong, Yuxi, Dali of Yunnan province and Shandong were investigated using...