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  1. 45th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2012, abstr. 49

    Application methods for MH, contacts, and flumetralin

    FISHER L.R.(1); STEWART A.M.(1); PRIEST J.A.(1); WHITLEY D.S.(1); VANN M.C.(1); MOORE J.M.(2); GOODEN D.T.(3); REED T.D.(4)
    (1) North Carolina State University, NC USA; (2) University of Georgia, GA USA; (3) Clemson University, SC USA; (4) Virginia Tech., VA USA
    Reference only. Abstract submission was on a voluntary basis. 2012-1-0457 FISHER L.R. STEWART A.M. PRIEST J.A. WHITLEY D.S. VANN M.C. MOORE J.M. GOODEN D.T. REED T.D. English NCSU University of Georgia Clemson University Virginia Tech 45th TWC, Tob. Work. ...