1. 45th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2012, abstr. 28

    Mechanical harvesting of burley tobacco in France

    WELLS L.G.(1); GOUDOUNECHE J.L.(2); SMITH T.D.(1); DAY G.B.V.(1); HARPRING M.(3)
    (1) University of Kentucky, KY USA; (2) Association Nationale Interprofessionnelle et Technique du Tabac (ANITTA), France; (3) GCH International, Inc., KY USA
    A GCHI ‘Gold Standard’ burley tobacco harvesting system, including a harvester and 800 curing racks, was purchased by the Nord and Loire Tabac Cooperative and operated at 22 locations in France in 2011. The Tabac Garonne Adour, Perigord Tabac and...