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  1. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2018, 72, abstr. 005

    Effect of the addition of SBA-15 in the pyrolysis of a reference tobacco under inert and oxidizing atmosphere

    University of Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain
    The composition of evolved products from slow pyrolysis under inert and oxidizing atmospheres of a reference tobacco 3R4F from the Reference Cigarette Program of the College of Agriculture of the University of Kentucky and a mixture of the reference ...
  2. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2018, 72, abstr. 034

    Influence of the time of synthesis of SBA-15 on its effect as a catalyst reducing toxicant concentration in tobacco smoke

    University of Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain
    In recent years, SBA-15 has been suggested as an additive for reduction of toxic compounds in tobacco smoke. The structure of this type of materials is strongly dependent on the synthesis conditions. The objective of the present work is to analyze the ...
  3. CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2015, Izmir, Turkey, AP 35

    Measuring canopy nitrogen nutrition in tobacco plants using hyper spectrum parameters

    ZOU Yong; YE Xiaoqing; YU Zhihong; CHEN Yufeng; WANG Wei; CHEN Jianjun
    (1) Shenzhen Tobacco Ind. Co., Ltd. of CNTC, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R. China; (2) Shenzhen Boton Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R. China; (3) Tobacco Laboratory, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R. China
    The aim of this paper is to study the quantitative relationship between above-ground nitrogen accumulation (ANA) of flue-cured tobacco and canopy spectral parameters, and then build a monitoring model for ANA of flue-cured tobacco based on various ...
  4. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2015, 69, abstr. 66

    Study of the decomposition of tobacco/citrate/SBA-15 mixtures in nitrogen and air atmospheres

    Alicante University, Alicante, Spain
    Combustion is a complex physical-chemical process. The products of combustion strongly depend on the temperature and oxygen availability in the different zones of the cigarette. Potassium citrate is widely used as a cigarette ingredient, acting as a ...
  5. CORESTA Congress, Quebec, 2014, Agronomy/Phytopathology Groups, AP 35

    Screening, identification and characterisation of an Arthrobacter sp. strain MC-10 capable of degrading quinclorac

    CHEN Dexin(1); ZHANG Shun(1,2); HUANG Guolian(3); XU Jialai(4); LI Bin(5); LI Hongguang(3)
    (1) Qingzhou Tobacco Research Institute of CNTC, Qingdao, P.R. China; (2) Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School, Beijing, P.R. China; (3) Hunan Chenzhou Tobacco Company, Chenzhou, P.R. China; (4) Shandong Tobacco Research Institute, Ji’nan, P.R. China; (5) Sichuan Tobacco Company, Chengdu, P.R. China
    The objective of this study was to screen strains able to degrade quinclorac efficiently. The strains were isolated from the perennial administration quinclorac paddy fields. The strain MC-10, which can degrade quinclorac efficiently, was screened by ...
  6. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2014, 68, abstr. 12

    Characteristics and composition of mainstream smoke from 10 RYO tobacco brands sold in Spain: effects of additives capable of reducing the evolution of carbon monoxide, nicotine, and TPM

    Alicante University, Alicante, Spain
    In this study, 10 commercial roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco brands that together represent 40% of this market in Spain were smoked under ISO conditions. The 3R4F reference cigarette tobacco was also smoked for comparison. The mainstream smoke was analyzed to ...
  7. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 2, p. 75-79., ISSN.1002-0861

    Occurrence regularity of Heliothis assulta Guenée in Hunan and forecast thereof

    LONG Xiao(1); ZENG Aiping(1,2); ZHOU Zhicheng(2); CHEN Yongnian(1); HU Risheng(2); LONG Jianzhong(3); LI Xiaoyi(4); WU Chune(5)
    (1) College of Bio-Safety Science and Technology, Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha 410128, P.R. China; (2) China Tobacco South Experimental Station, Changsha 410128, P.R. China; (3) Ningyuan County Tobacco Company, Ningyuan 425600, Hunan, P.R. China; (4) Chenzhou Tobacco Company, Chenzhou 423000, Hunan, P.R. China; (5) Jianghua County Tobacco Company, Jianghua 425500, Hunan, P.R. China
    In order to effectively control Heliothis assulta Guenée, its regularity of occurrence and forecasting were studied on the basis of years’ records collected from each monitoring point in tobacco planting areas in Hunan. The results showed that the actual ...