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  1. CORESTA Congress, Berlin, 2016, Agronomy/Phytopathology Groups, AP 48

    TALEN-mediated mutagenesis of NteIF4E1a leads to potato virus Y (PVY) resistance in flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. K326)

    YANG Dahai(1,2,3); YAO Heng(1,2,3); XIE He(1,2,3); BAI Ge(1,2,3); CHEN Xuejun(1,2,3); LI Yongping(1,2,3)
    (1) Tobacco Breeding and Biotechnology Research Center, Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Agricultural Sciences, Kunming, P.R. China; (2) Key Laboratory of Tobacco Biotechnological Breeding, Kunming, P.R. China; (3) National Tobacco Genetic Engineering Research Center, Kunming, P.R. China
    Potato virus Y (PVY) infection causes severe yield reduction and quality decline of cultivated tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) leaves, and results in large economic losses. In tobacco production, effective control of PVY is urgently needed. Breeding PVY ...
  2. CORESTA Congress, Berlin, 2016, Agronomy/Phytopathology Groups, AP 49

    Construction and genetic evaluation of chromosome segment substitution lines in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

    TONG Zhijun; JIAO Fangchan; CHEN Xuejun; XIAO Bingguang
    Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Agricultural Sciences of CNTC, Key Laboratory of Tobacco Biotechnological Breeding, National Tobacco Genetic Engineering Research Center, Kunming, P.R. China
    A set of chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs) of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) was first developed by molecular marker assisted selection (MAS) and successive backcrossing with Y3, the flue-cured tobacco germplasm with comprehensive traits as ...
  3. CORESTA Congress, Berlin, 2016, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, STPOST 11

    Quantitative discrimination of the flavour type of flue-cured tobacco and correlation between flavour type and planting area

    LI Chao(1); MIAO Mingming(1); QIN Yunhua(1); LI Exian(2); WU Yiqin(1); XU Yong(1); YANG Guangyu(1); ZHANG Chengming(1)
    (1) Cigarette Product Quality Inspection Institute, Technology Center, China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd., Kunming, P.R. China; (2) Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Resources, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kunming, P.R. China
    To study the relationship between chemical composition and flavour type of flue-cured tobacco, 500 tobacco samples were collected from 29 areas in 14 Chinese provinces in 2012. A classical sampling method was applied. Following relevant methods described ...
  4. CORESTA Congress, Quebec, 2014, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 14

    Water pipe tobacco smoking – from the first idea to an international standard

    HAHN J.(1); ROSE N.(2)
    (1) Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Sigmaringen, Sigmaringen, Germany; (2) Borgwaldt KC GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
    The presentation is divided into two parts: The first part concerns the requirement for a standardised method in general. It points out the reasons why the German national standardisation body DIN initialised the project within the ISO/TC 126. It also ...
  5. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 4, p. 48-50, 66, ISSN.1002-0861

    Study on residue and degradation of deltamethrin in Oriental tobacco

    YANG Shaosong(1); CHEN Jing(*1); TANG Xubing(2); LUO Lin(2); YAO Min(2)
    (1) Institute of Agricultural Environment and Resource, YAAS, Kunming 650205, P.R. China; (2) Baoshan Oriental Tobacco Company, Baoshan 678000, Yunnan, P.R. China
    In order to assess the degradation behavior of deltamethrin residues in oriental tobacco, the field experiments were conducted for two consecutive years with 2.5 % deltamethrin EC. The test results indicated that: 1) The degradation of deltamethrin EC in ...
  6. CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2011, Santiago, PPOST 05

    Identification and phylogenetic analysis of 3'-part genomic sequence of an isolate of chilli vein mottle virus (ChiVMV) infecting Nicotiana tabacum

    QIN Xiyun(1); YANG Cheng(2); ZHANG Lei(3); JIANG Zili(2); FANG Qi(3); DING Ming(3); ZHANG Zhongkai
    (1) Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Sciences, Yuxi, Yunnan Province 653100, P.R China; (2) Dali Tobacco Company of Yunnan Province, Dali 671000, P.R China; (3) Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kunming 650223, P.R. China
    The genus Potyvirus is the largest plant virus genus. An isolate of potyvirus, designated YN75, was obtained from tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) in Dali, Yunnan Province. The virions of YN75 in the crude sap of infected plants were flexuous, 730-770 nm in ...
  7. TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2009, 63, abstr. 38

    Development of technical regulations of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide for tobacco products in the European Union in the last decade till today with special focus on cigarettes

    HAHN J.
    Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt, Sigmaringen, Germany.
    Since 2002 the Directive 2001/37/EC of the European Parlement (Tobacco Product Regulation) regulates the maximum levels for tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. The Directive also asks for a statement of ingredients in tobacco products and its toxicological ...