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  1. CORESTA Congress, Edinburgh, 2010, SSPTPOST 17

    The development of a quick online equipment measuring the uniformity in the process of cut tobacco flavoring using the technology of virtual instrument

    LEI Dongfeng; WANG Zongying; ZHAO Hanwen; XU Lei; HAN Hanghang; DENG Baoan
    Technology Center of Shaanxi Branch of China Tobacco Industrial Co., Baoji, Shaanxi, China
    In order to evaluate the flavouring uniformity in tobacco processing, we designed a quick online real-time measuring method to detect the volatile ethanol concentration of soluble flavour. The equipment consists of the sensor circuit, data acquisition ...
  2. CORESTA Congress, Shanghai, 2008, AP 36

    Cadmium and lead immobilization by amendments in polluted soils and effects on tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) growth

    HU Zhongsheng; ZHAO Qibo; ZHU Weixing; WANG Hongwu; LIU Yanjie; ZHANG Ying; WANG Guangzhi; CAO Zhihong
    Jiangsu Branch of China Tobacco Industry Corporation, R&D Center, Nanjing, China
    To decrease potential harm of heavy metals in tobaccos to human beings from the source, a pot experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of amendments on Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) immobilization and growth of tobacco in soils. The analysis ...
  3. Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Brighton, 1998, p. 199, STPOST9

    Analysis of the composition of a Chinese herb used as a tobacco additive and of the resulting mainstream cigarette smoke, by SPME and GC, GC/MS methods

    ZHANG J.-X.; GUO B.-X.; LI G.-D.; SONG X.-H.
    China National Tobacco Corporation Henan Branch, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
    A Chinese herb has been added to tobacco in the belief that it might possibly prevent respiratory disease amongst its smokers. The composition of mainstream smoke from cigarettes with the herb added has been examined by solid-phase microextraction (SPME) ...
  4. Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Brighton, 1998, p. 86, AP13

    The situation and development in flue-cured tobacco planting in China in recent years

    LIU J.-L.; ZHAO Y.-K.; ZHAO X.; ZHAO Z.-S.; CHEN J.-H.
    China National Leaf Tobacco Corporation, Beijing, China
    This paper describes the status and improvement of tobacco production in China in recent years. Because China State Tobacco Monopoly Administration has paid more attention to tobacco planting, and cooperated with foreign tobacco corporations such as ...
  5. Bull. Spec. CORESTA Symposium, Kallithea, 1990, p. 222, S16, ISSN.0525-6240

    Synthesis of 2-alkyl-5-oxohexanoic acids and esters and their effect on cigarette smoke

    China National Tobacco Corporation, Beijing, China.
    2-Isopropyl-5-oxohexanoic acid is a degradation product of cembrenoids and an important component of the acidic fraction in Oriental tobacco. It produces the hay-like odor and gives slightly grassy smell to smoke. This study is aimed at synthesizing a ...