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  1. CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2017, Santa Cruz do Sul, APPOST 13

    Fungal diversity analysis of yellow sun-cured tobacco leaves during curing

    MI Qili; QIAN Yingying; ZHU Zhouhai; GUAN Ying; GAO Qian; CHEN Jianhua; XIE Lihua; LI Xuemei; YAO Jianhua
    Yunnan Industrial Co. Ltd of CNTC, Technology Center, Kunming 650106, P.R. China
    Yellow sun-cured tobacco is a Chinese tobacco species that has been cultivated for several hundred years in China. Due to the special quality traits, yellow sun-cured tobacco is of great potential for developing Chinese style cigarettes with unique...
  2. CORESTA Congress, Quebec, 2014, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, STPOST 18

    Development and validation of a high content screening in vitro micronucleus assay for the assessment of total particulate matter in cigarette smoke

    GAO Qian(1); ZENG Wanli(1); ZHU Zhouhai(1); GUAN Ying(1); MI Qili(1); MIAO Mingming(1); LI Xuemei(1); YAO Jianhua(1); LI Ming(2)
    (1) Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Science of CNTC, Kunming, P.R. China; (2) China Tobacco Society, Beijing, P.R. China
    High Content Screening (HCS) is imaging based multi-parametric approaches to cell analysis at the single-cell level, which was originally developed as a complementary technology to traditional biochemical high-throughput screening in drug discovery....
  3. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 4, p. 51-55, ISSN.1002-0861

    Comparison on cytotoxicity of cigarette smoke components trapped at each stage in cambridge filter-solvent-solvent systems

    YAO Jianhua; MI Qili; GENG Yongqin; YANG Yekun; HUANG Haitao; LI Xuemei; MIAO Mingming; TANG Ping
    Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Science, Kunming 650106, P.R. China
    In order to investigate the effects of cigarette smoke trapping on in vitro cytotoxicity test, 3 kinds of trapping systems, including Cambridge filter-pH7.0 PBS-acetone, Cambridge filter-pH7.2 PBS-ethyl acetate and Cambridge filter-pH7.4 PBS-70 %...
  4. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2009, 11, p. 33-9, ISSN.1002-0861

    Influence of moisture content in cut tobacco on smoking quality, particulate volatile components and moisture content in cigarette smoke

    Yunnan Acad. of Tobacco Science, Key Lab. of Tobacco Chemistry, Kunming, China.
    In order to find the factors influencing the smoking quality of cigarettes with different moisture contents, the changes of moisture content in cut tobacco, smoking quality, moisture contents in particulate and gas phases and particulate volatile...
  5. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2009, 2, p. 38-41, ISSN.1002-0861

    Trap of moisture in gas phase of mainstream cigarette smoke and its determination with Karl Fischer titration method

    Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Science, Kunming, Yunnan, China
    In order to investigate the influence of smoke moisture on cigarette taste, the moisture in gas phase and particulate matter of mainstream cigarette smoke of 20 domestic brand cigarette samples was trapped by a tandem impingement sampler containing...
  6. CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, Freiburg, 2003, ST 06

    A study of the extraction of tobacco with supercritical carbon dioxide

    YANG Yekun; LI Xuemei; ZHANG Xiaolong; ZHOU Jin; CHENG Jun
    Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Science, Kunming, Yunnan, China
    In general, the quality of the extracts by SCFE is superior to that of extracts by conventional processes (such as stream distillation and solvent extraction). The aim of this work was to extract tobacco using supercritical carbon dioxide fluid and...