CORESTA Meeting, Smoke/Technology, Interlaken, 1989, S 03

Smoke entrainment as a major mechanism of sodium transfer from the 2R1 cigarette

Philip Morris USA, Research Center, Richmond, VA, USA
University of Kentucky Reference 2R1 type cigarettes where labelled with Na-22 and then smoked on a total recovery smoking machine. The mainstream and sidestream total particulate matter (TPM) was collected on conventional Cambridge filters and TPM weights were determined. There was only an extremely weak correlation between sodium deliveries and TPM weights in the mainstream. There was no correlation between sidestream sodium and TPM weight. Autoradiography of the TPM filters showed a non-uniform distribution of discrete"hot spots"originating from the Na-22 labelled particles. Photographs of the sidestream TPM filters showed visual evidence of particles of inorganic residue (ash). Pieces of Na-22 labelled ash were shown to be transported through a tobacco rod by puffing the cigarette. These experimental observations are interpreted as evidence that the mechanical entrainment and transfer out of the cigarette of small pieces of the inorganic residue from the coal (a sh) can account for a major, but not exclusive, portion of the sodium found in smoke.