CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2019, Hamburg, ST Sustainability Forum

Smoke-Techno Sustainability Forum

(1) Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR), Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.; (2) Imperial Brands PLC, Bristol, U.K.; (3) SWM International, Le Mans, France; (4) Ökolab, Vienna, Austria; (5) CORESTA, Paris, France

In 2015, the United Nations published 17 sustainable development goals and their corresponding targets to be achieved by 2030. Like other sectors, the tobacco and alternative product sectors are likely to impact most of the goals. Consequently, it is important to understand and measure these impacts for organisations aiming to enhance their positive impacts, and reduce the others. In 2018, CORESTA decided to support a project with the objective to identify available scientific tools for performance assessment from which a framework could be elaborated. 16 sectorial gaps were identified and each translated into proposals for guideline and method developments. In 2019, the CORESTA Scientific Commission decided to arrange a panel discussion during the SSPT Conference in Hamburg to exchange on topics associated with these gaps.

The first topic discussed concerned the risk assessment of tobacco and derived products and their positioning against a risk continuum. Dr Christopher Russell, psychologist and Deputy Director of the Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR), Glasgow, Scotland, presented one of his most recent studies on perception and behavioural research on electronic cigarette users. Dr Russel’s presentation was followed by an industry perspective delivered by Joe Thompson, Director of Group Science and Regulatory Affairs at Imperial Brands.

The second topic discussed focussed on the carbon footprint and other GHG emissions along the tobacco and derived product supply chain. Following a general presentation by Stéphane Colard, Secretary General of CORESTA, on the context and global issues, Diane Raverdy-Lambert, SWM Chief Scientist & Director Regulatory Affairs, provided specific and detailed insights on approaches, initiatives and perspectives from a paper manufacturer's point of view.