TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2009, 63, abstr. 69

Study on characterization of cut tobacco particle size distribution

Hongyunhonghe Tobacco Group Co. Ltd. Kunming, China.

Cut tobacco particle size distribution (PSD) is a key factor influencing cigarette quality. In a sieve analysis, PSD is represented by the ratios of the cumulative mass above each or a definite screen mesh to the total mass. PSD is indicated in a discrete way rather than a distributive profile. Moreover, the method fails to describe the uniformity of the PSD, which is also an important factor influencing cigarette quality. In this work, six cut tobacco samples (cut tobacco after drying, cut stem, DIET, and cut tobacco after mixing, after air-conveying, after cigarette making) were sieved by a Retsch AS400 shaker. The characteristic equation of cut tobacco PSD was set up via statistic method and the eigen values were acquired. Furthermore, the values obtained by the sieve test and actual size measurements were compared. Finally the characterization of the PSD was set up. The results showed that:1) The PSD of cut tobacco could be expressed by the characteristic equation F = exp (-Bx2) The x0,50 value was the characteristic size; a lager x0,50 and C value implied a longer average size and a narrower range of the size distribution, thus a better uniformity.