CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2015, Jeju, ST 33

Study on reduction of harmful components in mainstream cigarette smoke with electric-heating atomisation technology

ZHANG Xia; ZHU Donglai; LI Shoubo; CHEN Yongkuan; GONG Xiaowei; HAN Jingmei; CUI Zhuwen; JIN Yongcan; MIAO Mingming; HAN Yi
Non-traditional Tobacco Products Institute, Technology Center of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. of CNTC, Kunming, P.R. China

A novel cigarette smoking device was designed by adopting electric-heating atomisation technology for the purpose of reducing the harmful components in mainstream cigarette smoke. The smoking device was composed of a cigarette holder and an electronic atomisation module, which comprised an atomiser, a battery, an airflow sensor, etc. During smoking, negative pressure was formed inside the smoking device, the airflow sensor was activated by inhaled air, then the atomiser was connected to the battery. The solution in the atomiser was atomised and mixed with mainstream cigarette smoke, and harm reduction was realised via the interaction of atomised aerosol and mainstream cigarette smoke. To investigate the harm reducing effect of the smoking device, ten cigarette samples and one reference cigarette were inserted in the smoking device after the mixed solution of glycerol and propylene glycol was added into the atomiser, and smoked by a smoking machine under the ISO smoking regime. The deliveries of ammonia and phenol in captured mainstream cigarette smoke were determined and compared with those of cigarettes smoked without using the smoking device. The results showed that by using the smoking device adopting electric-heating atomisation technology, the delivery of ammonia in mainstream cigarette smoke was reduced by 54.4%-67.8%, and phenol was almost removed from mainstream cigarette smoke completely; which may improve the harm reduction effect. By adopting a novel cigarette harm reducing technology other than traditional technologies, the smoking device is simple in structure and convenient in operation. Furthermore, the device also features flavour enhancing and moisture retaining performances through adding various functional solutions, and its application prospect is good.