Tob. Reporter, 1988, 115-3, p. 42, ISSN.0361-5693

System for controlling humidity of tobacco leaves

Japan Tobacco Co., Hiratsuka, Japan.
US Patent 4,709,708 assigned to Japan Tobacco Co. The above mentioned system comprises means for measuring the water content, temperature and flow rate of the tobacco leaves conveyed to the humidity controller, which provides the tobacco leaves with the water content and temperature necessary for rib removal to maintain the quality of the tobacco leaves. This system also comprises the operational means for calculating the amount of water and steam to be added upon the basis of the measurements of this humidity controlling system and the preset values representative of the water content and temperature in the tobacco leaves, and to compensate for the deviation between the spraying position of water and steam, and the positioning of measuring the water content and the temperature of the tobacco leaves. The system compensates the delay caused by the increase and decrease of the water content and the temperature when the preset values are changed. The system controls the water and steam supply according to the calculated values, the system also corrects the deviation between the measurements of the water content and temperature of the tobacco leaves according to the preset values.