CORESTA Congress, Paris, 2006, PTPOST 06

Technology and measurement techniques meeting ISO 2971:1998

Borgwaldt KC, Hamburg, Germany.

The measurement of cigarette diameter in accordance with ISO 2971 has seen many changes, including pneumatic balancing orifice, tape gauge and laser shadow. With the emergence of new technologies that may lend themselves to be included into ISO 2971, consideration of not only measurement limitations; but also technology limits may need to be examined. The prevalent new technologies include detectors of the Linear arrays and CCD types and light sources such as infra-red, gray scale, red and full spectrum light. With such a range of possible technologies is it reasonable to expect them all to give the same levels of measurement accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility, or should it be considered that one technology is the reference method and all other methods are measured against it, with notes to their possible measurement errors and limitations. An investigation into the possible affects of the technology on the actual measurement, as well as the possible variation in measurement calculation will be presented; in this first look investigation comparing a selection of these new technologies and methods.