Tobacco Science & Technology, 2007, 3, p. 31-35, ISSN.1002-0861

Transfer of near infrared calibration models combining with Karl Norris derivative filter and principal component analysis

Products Research Center of Honghe Cigarette Factory, Mile, Yunnan, China

Of the 153 representative flue-cured tobacco samples scanned using Nicolet Antaris and PE Spectrum One NTS-NIR Spectrometer as source and target meters, respectively, the NIR spectral data of 120 samples were pretreated by Karl Norris derivative filter for spectral regions screening, and the spectral coincidence between source and target meters was proved with principal component analysis. The transferred models of the target meter were developed by applying the obtained pretreatment parameters into the transfer calculation of the source meter's models. The total sugars, reducing sugars, total nitrogen and nicotine in 33 remaining tobacco samples were predicted with the transferred models of the target meter and the models of the source meter separately, and the obtained values were compared by t-test in pairs, the results indicated that there was no significant difference between the predictive values when P>0.05.