TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2017, 71, abstr. 080

Waste reduction in the primary by using microwave in-line technology for process control and outgoing goods inspection

TEWS Elektronik, Hamburg, Germany

Meeting quality control objectives in the Primary encompasses the processing of tobaccos at client-target moisture levels within associated control ranges for each blend. To achieve these quality goals, it is crucial that process control be effectively managed and that final quality inspection can be verifiably executed. Currently, but certainly in the past, such verifications and control functions were usually performed by intermittent sample taking from both the conveyer line and the final inspection station. Typically, C48 boxes were sampled to provide validation or reference values from laboratory-based instrumentation. These procedures are time consuming and do not allow for automated process control at locations such as the DCC or the final dryer.

In this presentation we demonstrate that tobacco waste can be measurably decreased when deploying TEWS inline systems based on microwave resonance technology by significantly reducing in-process moisture variability. TEWS inline systems measure real-time and high-speed true core moisture while simultaneously making available associated outputs that allow for moisture control automation. TEWS microwave transmission technology provides high accuracies during the moisture inspection of bulk goods at the final inspection station.