Tob. Reporter, 2007, 134-7, p. 59, ISSN.0361-5693

Wrapper with improved filler

U.S. Patent 7,216,652 assigned to Philip Morris USA Inc., Richmond, Virginia, USA. The invention relates to a tobacco smoking article wrapper that selectively reduces the content of gaseous components in the smoke delivered during the use of the smoking article. The gaseous components can be low molecular weight aldehydes in the smoke produced during combustion/pyrolysis of the smoking article. The wrapper can comprise cigarette paper having an ammonium-containing compound filler therein for reducing the aldehyde content in the smoke. The ammonium-containing compound filler evolves ammonia upon combustion/pyrolysis of the smoking article, which can chemically react with aldehydes in tobacco smoke and/or modify the combustion/pyrolysis reactions, thereby reducing the initial formation of aldehydes to selectively reduce such aldehydes from the smoke inhaled by a smoker. The ammonium-containing compound can be magnesium ammonium phosphate used alone or in combination with one or more other fillers such as calcium carbonate.