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No. 1 - Agrochemical Guidance Residue Levels (GRLs)

October 2021 - seventh edition Ref. ACAC-314-CTG-01

Guidance Residue Levels have been developed by the CORESTA Agro-Chemical Advisory Committee (ACAC) to provide guidance to tobacco growers and those in the tobacco industry interested in the application of crop protection agents (CPAs) and the implementation of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) in tobacco production. GRLs are intended to assist with the interpretation and evaluation of CPA residue testing results and serve as an indicator that GAP is being implemented.

The GRL list is revised periodically and updated in the light of continuing changes in CPA registrations, labels, regulations and agricultural practices, and based on improvements in analytical methods, knowledge of degradation patterns and information about residues.

The GRLs are applicable to cured tobacco leaf while focusing on processed tobacco leaf which is predominantly used for the production of traditional cigarette tobaccos and the GAPs associated with the cultivation of these tobacco types.

A GRL does not replace the requirement to comply with regulations, neither on the use of CPAs, nor with regard to residue levels that may be detected. GRLs are designed to emphasise the importance of GAP for growing quality tobacco.

Please note:

  • It is not a list of recommended CPAs for tobacco. That is a matter for official and/or industry bodies in each country;
  • GRLs have not yet been set for all CPAs registered for tobacco. Setting GRLs is an ongoing process based on a list of priorities decided by frequency of use and importance to leaf production;
  • The presence of a compound does not imply endorsement by CORESTA;
  • The entries in the list do not replace maximum residue levels (MRLs) set by the authorities. Compliance with MRLs is a legal requirement for countries that have set them for tobacco.


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