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Agrochemical Residue Field Trials First 3-year Programme Report

RFT Technical Document

September 2017 Ref. RFT-049-CTR

Guidance Residue Levels (GRLs) have been developed by the CORESTA Agro-Chemical Advisory Committee (ACAC) to provide guidance to tobacco growers and those in the tobacco industry with interest in the application of Crop Protection Agents (CPAs) that are in compliance with the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Residue data from field trials complying with label instructions are an essential part of the process to establish GRLs. To this end the Agrochemicals Field Trials Task Force (RFT TF) (now a Sub-Group) was established. In the light of the objectives of the group, this report describes the first 3-year trial programme and the main achievements through to 31 December 2015.


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