CORESTA Presentations at Events

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery (NGN17) Conference - London, United Kingdom - 14-15 November 2017

Presentation "Contribution To Develop Standards For The Global Vapour Industry" by Pierre-Marie Guitton (CORESTA Secretary General).

Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN 2017) - Warsaw, Poland - 15-17 June 2017

Poster presentations:
"International Collaborative Scientific Work on Tobacco and Related Products" by Pierre-Marie Guitton (CORESTA Secretary General).
"Collaborative Study for Determination of Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Water and Nicotine in Collected Aerosol of E-Cigarettes" by Gene Gillman et al. (Technical Director, Enthalpy Analytical, Inc., and Secretary CORESTA E-Vapour Sub-Group).

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS 2017) Conference - London, United Kingdom - 14-15 June 2017

Presentation "The value of collaboration in the development of e-cigarette test methods" by Derek Mariner (Principal Scientist at British American Tobacco and member of the CORESTA E-Vapour Sub-Group).


6th Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop (LAPRW 2017) - Costa Rica - 14-17 May 2017

Poster presentation "Proficiency Testing for Pesticide Residues Analysis in Tobacco" by Masahiro Miyoshi et al. (JT Inc. and Coordinator CORESTA Agrochemical Analysis Sub-Group).


Tobacco Merchants Association (TMA) 102nd Annual Meeting & Conference - Chantilly, VA, USA - 10-12 May 2017

The TMA organised their 102nd Annual Meeting & Conference with the theme "Understanding, Navigating & Embracing Change", to capture the spirit of the times and explore overlapping needs of all stakeholders.

Dr Rob Stevens, Director of Product Science at ITG Brands, was invited to participate in a panel entitled "Testing Methodologies for Deemed Products." The session focussed on how companies develop and apply testing methodologies necessary in nicotine regulatory science, and the role industry should play in advancing state of the art of testing methodologies.

Invited by TMA for his scientific expertise, Rob Stevens, as Secretary of the Smoke Science Study Group within the CORESTA Scientific Commission, took opportunity of the event to present a few slides about CORESTA activities and achievements and emphasise "the good work done in terms of testing methodologies."


Tobacco Product Analysis Technology Summit 2016 - Research Triangle Park, NC, USA - 25-27 July 2016

On 25-27 July 2016, Waters Corporation and RTI International collaboratively hosted the 2016 Tobacco Product Analysis Technology Summit. The purpose of the summit was to bring together industry thought leaders to share their perspectives on analytical challenges and technology gaps in tobacco product analysis. One of the invited speakers, Dr. Jason Flora (Altria Client Services, LLC, and Coordinator of the CORESTA Cigarette Variability Task Force (CVAR TF)), shared background on CORESTA and details regarding the Task Force with a presentation entitled "Cigarette Variability Task Force: CVAR".


TJI TobaccoCampus E-Cigarette Workshop - Wiesbaden, Germany - 8-9 February 2016

Presentation "CORESTA and e-cigarettes" by Pierre-Marie Guitton, Secretary General CORESTA


Solvay Filter Colloquium - Freiburg, Germany - 7 September 2014

Presentation by Pierre-Marie Guitton, Secretary General CORESTA