CORESTA Secretary General Succession

Letter from the President of the Board:

Pierre-Marie Guitton, Secretary General of CORESTA will retire from his position at the end of December 2019. Pierre-Marie has served CORESTA for 10 years and on behalf of the Board, CORESTA members, and personally, I thank him for his outstanding contribution to CORESTA and wish him well in his retirement. 

The Board of CORESTA has set up a committee to find a successor for Secretary General and that recruitment process is now underway. By delegation of the President and under its authority, the role of the Secretary General is to run the association in accordance with the Internal Rules of CORESTA, and execute decisions made by the Board. A full description of the role and its requirements can be found below.

If you personally are interested in applying for the role, or have a strong recommendation for a suitable candidate, please send your CV or recommendation with a covering letter explaining why you are applying, or recommending a candidate, to by the 31st March 2019.

The Board is aiming to appoint an applicant by June 2019, with a view to the role commencing 1st November 2019.


Huub Vizée
President of CORESTA, and on behalf of the Board


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Excerpts from the CORESTA Statutes and Internal Rules:

Statutes - Article 18: Secretary General

A Secretary General of the association is nominated by the Board in accordance with the Internal Rules. He is revokable ad nutum.

The Secretary General, acting on the authority and under the control of the President, is in charge of running smoothly the association and of the implementation of the decisions made by the Board.

His duties are detailed in the Internal Rules.

Internal Rules – Article 4: Secretary General

The Secretary General of the association, by delegation of the President and under his authority, is in charge of running the association and executing the Board's decisions. He may, in particular:

  • represent the association with regard to the State, to all public administrations and professional organisations, as well as to all private persons and organisations;
  • sign the correspondence, receive from the mail and railways authorities and all carriers, letters, messages, parcels and packages of all types, including those registered or insured, give all receipts and, if necessary, all guarantees; contract all subscriptions for the telephone or other services provided by the telecommunication authorities, contract for power, gas or other public services, as well as for insurance against fire or other risks;
  • within the budget of CORESTA, incur all expenditure necessary to the running of the association, and in particular lease the necessary office or storage space;
  • and, in general, administer the association on a daily basis.

Moreover, he may, under his signature:

  • open and operate, at any bank or financial institution, all current deposit accounts, loans and other, either in euros or foreign currency, either for CORESTA's own funds or those of the special fund for CORESTA Study Grants;
  • deposit or have deposited all sums to the credit of these accounts;
  • buy or sign all encashment slips, settle all invoices;
  • effect withdrawals from the accounts; for this purpose, sign cheques, drafts, receipts and orders of transfer; sign all pledges;
  • lodge all securities in safe custody; for this purpose, sign all deposit contracts;
  • receive all arrears or dividends due or accruing on all securities kept in safe deposit as well as on those which may become so in future; receive the sums from the repayment of all securities redeemed, as well as the proceeds of all bonds collected by the banks; withdraw the said securities and transfer them;
  • give all orders for the selling or purchasing and subscribing of shares on the Stock Exchange, appoint stock brokers; sign any application for conversion, transfers and pay sheets; receive the proceeds of all sales; withdraw all securities purchased or subscribed;
  • give valid receipt in full for all sums and securities received;
  • receive all cheque and transfers books;
  • withdraw all documents and give receipts for them; approve all settlements of accounts;
  • sign all letters and receipts in case of loss of receipts and other papers; in this case sign all agreements of pledges to banks, make all statements of returns and of authority;
  • for the above purposes, conclude and execute all deeds; elect domicile;
  • act as a Personnel Manager.


Job Description: