Recommended Methods current

No. 79 - Determination of Ammonia in Tobacco and Tobacco Products by Ion Chromatographic Analysis

(CRM developed into ISO 21045)

March 2018 - second edition Ref. TTPA-150-2-CRM-79

This Recommended Method is applicable to the determination of ammonia (as ammonium ion) in tobacco, cigarette filler, smokeless tobacco products (e.g. moist snuff, snus, chewing tobacco and dry snuff), and ground cigars (wrapper, binder and filler). The ammonia calibration range specified in the method is from 0,100 μg/ml to 10,0 μg/ml. This range correlates to 10 μg/g to 1000 μg/g ammonia in tobacco as is, wet weight. Samples with higher levels of ammonia may be analysed by dilution prior to analysis to bring the samples within the calibration range.


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