Recommended Methods obsolete

No. 4 - Determination of Maleic Hydrazide Residues in Tobacco

(CRM developed into ISO 4876)

Sept 1976

This method was set up and validated at a time when few multi-residue methods were available. Nowadays, more efficient and powerful multi-residue methods are being applied (e.g. S19 method, Quechers, Swedish Ethylacetate method, American Luke method).


Related information

During the systematic review process of ISO 4876, CORESTA was asked to provide information on current work on maleic hydrazide (MH) by the Agrochemicals Analysis Sub-Group. The statement produced in October 2018 can be found under the section Information / CORESTA Information / CORESTA Statements or by clicking on the link below:

CORESTA Agrochemicals Analysis Sub-Group response to ISO Resolution No. 94 (2018)