Recommended Methods current

No. 57 - Determination of Water in Tobacco and Tobacco Products by Gas Chromatographic Analysis

Aug. 2018 - second edition Ref. TTPA-188-2-CRM-57

This CRM is applicable to ISO 16632:2003


This CORESTA Recommended Method specifies a gas chromatographic method for the determination of the water content of tobacco and tobacco products. This CRM is applicable to raw tobacco as well as tobacco taken from finished products. The method is applicable for water contents ranging at least from a mass percent of 2 % to 55 %. The method is applicable to tobacco samples that will pass through a 4 mm screen. Repeatability and reproducibility values are included for ground tobacco, cigarette filler, cigar filler and a wide range of smokeless tobacco products. Products not covered by the collaborative studies 2002 and 2018 may require additional validation.


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