8 - 12 October 2023

Smoke-Techno Conference (SSPT2023)

Cancun, Mexico

CORESTA is very pleased to announce that the next
CORESTA Smoke Science & Product Technology Conference (SSPT2023)
will be held in-person from 8-12 October 2023, in Cancun, Mexico.

More information about the Conference will be made available in due course.



Smoke Science and Product Technology

After three successful consecutive online conferences, the Smoke Science and Product Technology Study Groups of CORESTA are thrilled to have a fully in-person conference this year that will revive CORESTA’s traditional networking and foster new collaborative opportunities.

CORESTA recognises a shift within the nicotine product world. The involvement of the CORESTA Smoke Science and Product Technology Study Groups plays a critical role in meeting new and emerging needs of this dynamic landscape. In this spirit, we strongly encourage you to proudly share your work by submitting papers related, but not limited, to the following topics:

  • Nicotine science, such as the role of nicotine in harm reduction, nicotine effects, perception on nicotine, role of nicotine in switching to less harmful products
  • Individual Risk Reduction, such as risk assessment, in-vitro toxicity, 21st century toxicology, biomarkers of exposure and effect, abuse liability, consumer behaviour and perception, intention to use, actual use studies,
  • Population Harm Reduction, such as  population modelling, post-market surveillance, role of flavours in harm reduction
  • Product testing, such as aerosol emissions, advances in analytical and biological methods, dosimetry, physical test methods for all products and materials, novel screening methods, non-targeted analytical methods, product comparability assessment
  • Product design and Reference materials, including mathematical modelling and statistical methods
  • Regulatory landscape and tools for compliance
  • Overall sustainability in tobacco and related product areas


To submit an abstract for the SSPT2023 Conference, please click on the button above to access the online abstract submission instructions and form.

Abstract submission deadline: Friday, 26 May 2023

Authors will receive an immediate receipt message by email to confirm successful submission of their abstract, and will be informed of the CORESTA Reading Committee's selection towards the end of June 2023.

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For any questions, please contact the CORESTA Secretariat here.