ACAC - Agro-Chemical Advisory Committee - 1990


To address matters relating to agrochemicals* and topics associated with product stewardship and integrity in tobacco by gathering relevant information and disseminating guidance to stakeholders.

* Agrochemicals are those substances used in farming to manage pests or to regulate plant growth. They are also referred to as crop protection agents (CPAs) and plant protection products (PPPs), including biopesticides.

Purpose and Achievements

ACAC is appointed by the Scientific Commission for the purpose of supporting stakeholders with regard to agrochemical topics.

This committee has the objective to gather data on agrochemical use, maintain an updated knowledge of related regulatory considerations and inform CORESTA members of emerging issues. It has established and continually evaluates and expands a list of Guidance Residue Levels (GRLs) that assists in the evaluation of crop protection agent residue results and emphasizes the importance of Good Agricultural Practices. In addition the Committee is charged with the responsibility of informing stakeholders through guidance documents on best management practices related to agrochemicals, such as the adoption of integrated pest management and the use of biopesticides.

The notable achievement of ACAC is being widely recognized as the reference body for both global and local agrochemical requirements for tobacco. ACAC continually looks towards the future and will proactively address challenges that may impact its members and its key stakeholders.


Updated October 2020