BRD - Board


The role of the Board is to define the strategic vision for the Association, provide policy guidance, set scientific direction for the Scientific Commission and to review its progress and output. The Board reviews and validates all documents and presentations produced and published under CORESTA’s name.

The Board typically meets twice a year, and holds specific meetings prior to and after the vote by the General Assembly.


The Board has full powers to act on behalf of the Association on all matters that do not specifically require the approval of a General Assembly.

The President is in charge of the execution of the decisions made by the Board and ensures, with the support of the General Secretariat, the proper functioning of the Association, which he represents with respect to all jurisdictions and acts of civil life.


The CORESTA Board comprises of 12 to 14 member-organisations. Ten are elected by the General Assembly from among the members of the Association, for a four-year tenure. Two to four other Members are co-opted by the elected Members, for a two-year tenure. Half of the elected Board Members and all co-opted ones are renewed every two years.

The members elected at the Board are requested to delegate as Administrators persons in active service within the Organisations who are well acquainted with the fields of activity of CORESTA and high-ranking, and therefore able to take an active part in Board activities.

The Board's Executive Committee consists of a President and a Vice-President, elected from among the administrators by secret ballot, for a two-year term, renewable once, and defined as intuitu personae.

Any Member Organisation may be a candidate to the Board.

Members 2020-2022

The Board Member Organisations and their representatives for the 2020-2022 period are as follows:

President:            Dr Joseph Thompson – Imperial Brands (UK)
Vice-President:   Mrs Anne Fisher – University of Kentucky (USA)

Member Represented by
Alliance One International, Inc.
Dr Ezequiel de Oliveira
Head of Plant Breeding
Alternative Ingredients, Inc.
Mr. Eduardo Berea Nunez
International Sales Manager
Borgwaldt KC GmbH
Dr Nils Rose
British American Tobacco
Dr. Steven Coburn
Claims and Regulatory Implementation Manager
China National Tobacco Corporation
Dr Xianping Xie
President of Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute
delfort AG
Mr Huub Vizée
Head of Regulatory Affairs
Imperial Tobacco Ltd
Dr Joseph Thompson (Board President)
Group Director
Japan Tobacco Inc.
Dr Keigo Miura
Head of RRP Development Center
KT&G Corporation
(South Korea)
Dr Hyo-Keun Kim
Advising Director
Reynolds American Inc. Services Co.
Dr Michael Ogden
Senior Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
Swedish Match AB
Dr Johan Lindholm
Director, Analytical, Product & Regulatory Science
SWM International Inc.
Ms Diane Raverdy
Chief Scientist & Director Regulatory Affairs
Universal Leaf Tobacco Company
Mr Mauri Winegardner
Vice President
University of Kentucky
Mrs Anne Fisher (Board Vice-President)
Research Director, Kentucky Tobacco R&D Center