Task Force

STDS - CORESTA Standards - 2011 - 2018


  1. To review existing procedures for the documentation of the scientific output of CORESTA.
  2. To develop document management systems.
  3. To develop and publish related guidelines and templates.

Work completed - DISBANDED August 2018

The Process of CORESTA Cooperation

The vision of CORESTA is “to be recognised by our members and relevant external bodies as an authoritative source of publically available, credible science and best practices related to tobacco and its derived products”. To meet this vision, the Association promotes international cooperation and research regarding non-competitive scientific issues.

CORESTA develops methods for physical or chemical measurement. Proficiency tests, colla­bo­rative studies and reviews are conducted in order to produce and maintain these methods and for laboratory accreditation. This leads to the publication of various reports. Furthermore, guides and recommendations on good practice and usage, from the tobacco field to analy­tical and procedure management, are also published when needs arise, as well as other documents of general interest for all stakeholders.

CORESTA documentation is available from this website and reflects the work done within the Association by the various working groups.

Since the early days of CORESTA, Sub-Groups and Task Forces have been launched to carry out activities, depending on the scientific needs and priorities of the community, under the supervision of the Scientific Commission (SC).

The CORESTA Standards Task Force (STDS) was created in view of improving, structuring and documenting the process of CORESTA cooperation leading to this work and the related output, to ensure that all steps are properly evaluated, reported and further archived.

Procedures, templates and forms have been defined by the STDS TF and compiled in a Guide to help the scientists and CORESTA executive bodies in charge of monito­ring the activity and producing documents in a streamlined flow, as well as to explain in a transparent way to all stake­holders how CORESTA works.


Updated August 2018

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