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WEB - CORESTA Website - 2015


  • To develop and maintain and upgrade the CORESTA website.

The CORESTA Website Task Force was created in 2015 to redesign the official association website in order to enhance users' browsing experience, enable easy accessibility to information, and support CORESTA's mission to be "an authoritative source of publically available credible science and best practices" by providing a transparent sustainable cooperation process.

The Task Force was missioned to select a website developer, draw up contracts and determine specifications. With this achieved, the Task Force now managed the general development of the website in close liaison with the selected developer, it oversaw the upload of content, liaised with the relevant CORESTA groups to determine user requirements, determined the features to be implemented, and monitored the step by step progress of the new system. The Task Force worked in tandem with the CORESTA Standards Task Force whose work was to define and implement new rules for study reporting, data collection, work procedures, document traceability and archiving, etc.

The website development was carried out in three stages:

  • Phase 1: the public section
  • Phase 2: the CORESTA Member section
  • Phase 3: the Sub-Groups, Task Forces and Committees private working section

After long and faithful service, the former CORESTA website developed in 2001, was retired and Phase 1 of the new website completed and launched end of April 2016 (announcement).

Phase 2 - the CORESTA Member section - was launched mid-September 2016 and a presentation made at the CORESTA Congress in Berlin.

The section contains the following information and features:

  • User account
  • Additional CORESTA presentations
  • CORESTA full manuscripts
  • Bookmark feature for abstracts and other documents
  • Export of abstracts into PDF and/or Excel
  • Additional Sub-Group and Task Force meeting information, when available
  • General Member information
  • Commonly used CORESTA admin forms
  • Image Gallery

The Members' section is open to persons belonging to CORESTA Member Organisations. Applications for access can be made by completing the "Join CORESTA Extranet" form under the "Member Access" link located at the top right of the CORESTA website.

Work on Phase 3 was completed in 2020. This section is reserved for the work of Sub-Groups, Task Forces and Committees and accessible only by the members of these groups. It acts as a simple group document repository.

The current work of the group consists of maintaining the website, organising the development of new features as and when needed, and managing the upgrade of the system to keep up-to-date with system versions.


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