Product Technology

The Product Technology Study Group is concerned with the study of processes and procedures relating to tobacco processing and manufacturing facilities and with the description of tobacco and tobacco products in terms of physical properties, chemical properties and quality. The Study Group also works on electronic cigarettes. Study Group activities include development of analytical methods for the determination of product properties, monitoring of engineering techniques and developments in tobacco processing, product manufacturing and environmental protection.

In the Press: CORESTA Product Technology Science Study Group (Tobacco Journal International Aug/Sept 2011)


RAC - Routine Analytical Chemistry - 1985


  1. To develop CORESTA Recommended Methods as requested by the Scientific Commission.
  2. To maintain existing CORESTA Recommended Methods (CRMs) pertinent to analytical test methods related to tobacco, smoke, and cigarette components.
  3. To check on an annual basis the CORESTA monitor test piece by conducting collaborative experiments.

PTM - Physical Test Methods - 2005


  1. To develop and maintain CORESTA Recommended Methods (CRMs), pertinent to physical test methods related to tobacco products and their components.
  2. To develop CORESTA Technical Reports and Guides for the application of physical test methods related to tobacco products and their components.
  3. To organise, conduct and report on routine inter-laboratory studies in order to assess inter-laboratory consistency and to enable continual improvement of participating laboratories.

CSM - Cigar Smoking Methods - 2006


  1. To develop and update CORESTA Recommended Methods by investigating the technical problems associated with the mechanical smoking of cigars.
  2. To conduct periodical collaborative studies in order to improve repeatability and reproducibility in different cigar sizes and types.
  3. To establish confidence intervals for the smoke yields of all different cigar sizes.

EVAP - E-Vapour - 2013


  1. To identify areas of scientific research and conduct studies that will characterise e-liquids, e-vapour product emissions, and device properties and performance.
  2. To develop and publish methods and guides.
  3. To organise and conduct periodic proficiency/collaborative studies of identified constituents in e-liquids and e-vapour product aerosol.

Task forces

CVAR - Cigarette Variability - 2014


  1. To develop an appropriate experimental plan to explore cigarette variability.
  2. To conduct a collaborative study to enhance the understanding of overall tobacco and smoke analyte variability relevant to commercial cigarette design features.
  3. To create a CORESTA Technical Report.