SC - Scientific Commission


The Scientific Commission is in charge of leading and organising the scientific and technical activities of CORESTA. It monitors the work programme of the Task Forces and Sub-Groups. Each of these working groups is represented by an Executive of the Scientific Commission who acts as Liaison.

It acts as a scientific counsel to the Board.

The Scientific Commission typically meets twice a year, and holds specific meetings prior to and after the vote by the General Assembly.


The Scientific Commission consists of 20 scientists elected by the General Assembly by secret ballot, for a two-year term, renewable twice, and defined as intuitu personae. The Commission is divided into four Executive Committees, representing the four Study Groups of CORESTA. Each Executive Committee comprises a President, a Secretary, a Vice-President and two Members.

Immediately after the elections in the Study Groups, the incoming Scientific Commission meets and elects a President and a Vice-President at a secret ballot for a two-year term. The President will come alternately from either the Agronomy & Leaf Integrity / Phytopathology & Genetics Study Groups – also referred to as Agro-Phyto (AP) - or from the Smoke Science / Product Technology Study Groups – also referred to as Smoke/Techno (SSPT). The Vice-President will be chosen from the other pair of Study Groups than the President.

When elected at this position, the President of the Scientific Commission leaves the Executive Committee within which he has been elected. This Committee remains short of one member.

Due to their specific expertise, both President and Vice-President participate in Board meetings and report on the AP and SSPT activities and issues.

Any scientist from any Member Organisation may be a candidate to the Scientific Commission.


The Scientific Commission creates and disbands Task Forces and Sub-Groups to best meet the strategy and goals set by the Board. It is in charge of reviewing the documents produced by the working groups, before formal validation by the Board for publication.

It approves, amends or rejects New Work Items Proposals (NWIP) submitted by the working groups. It may also initiate or request specific NWIPs. The Scientific Commission constitutes the Reading Committee in charge of selecting abstracts to be presented at the CORESTA yearly conferences.

Members 2020-2022

The Members of the CORESTA Scientific Commission for the 2020-2022 period are as follows:

President:            Rob Stevens – RAI Services (USA)
Vice-President:   Lea Scott – Universal Leaf Tobacco (USA)

Agronomy & Leaf Integrity

  • President:   Lea Scott – Universal Leaf Tobacco (USA)
  • Secretary:   Marcos Lusso – Altria Client Services (USA)
  • Vice-Pres.:  Anthony Jackson – Premium Tobacco (Zimbabwe)
  • Member:     Masahiro Miyoshi – Japan Tobacco (Japan)
  • Member:     Limeng Zhang – CNTC Yunnan Tobacco Group Co., Ltd (China)

Phytopathology & Genetics

  • President:   Dongmei Xu – Altria Client Services (USA)
  • Secretary:   Fabienne Lalande – JT International (Germany)
  • Vice-Pres.:  Susan Dimbi – Tobacco Research Board (Zimbabwe)
  • Member:     François Dorlhac – Imperial Tobacco (France)
  • Member:     Colin Fisher – University of Kentucky (USA)

Smoke Science

  • President:   Martin Blumenstock – British American Tobacco (Germany)
  • Secretary:   Rob Stevens – RAI Services (USA)
  • Vice-Pres.:  Paul Harp – RAI Services (USA)
  • Member:     Xavier Cahours – Imperial Tobacco (France)
  • Member:     Kei Yoshino – Japan Tobacco (Japan)

Product Technology

  • President:   Karl Wagner – Altria Client Services (USA)
  • Secretary:   Bernhard Eitzinger – delfort (Austria)
  • Vice-Pres.:  Bin Hu – CNTC Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute (China)
  • Member:     Guy Jaccard – Philip Morris International (Switzerland)
  • Member:     Jutta Pani – Imperial Tobacco - Reemtsma (Germany)