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Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs): Standardized Terminology and Recommendations for the Generation and Collection of Emissions

HTP Technical Report

July 2020 Ref. HTP-259-CTR

This technical report provides recommended standardized terminology for the heated tobacco product category and sub-categories as well as the product attributes for each sub-category to aide with the classification of HTPs.

The purpose of standardized terminology is to provide consensus on definitions that describe the HTP category and sub-categories for the purpose of consistency across the scientific community, clearly providing attributes within and differentiating between the category(s) and sub-categories, and thus ensuring that product analysis is conducted using appropriate aerosol collection and analytical methodologies. The standardized terminology will be updated as the HTP category continues to evolve.

This technical report also provides recommendations for the generation and collection of emissions from HTPs to ensure consistent analytical comparisons across the product categories within the scientific community. The recommendations are based upon currently available scientific literature and references are provided.  These recommendations should be confirmed with future proficiency and/or collaborative studies to evaluate the repeatability and reproducibility of these generation and collection procedures.

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