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No. 27 - Identification and Elimination of Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs) in Leaf Tobacco Production

Third edition

October 2021 Ref. ACAC-315-CTG-27

Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs) are those Crop Protection Agents (CPAs) or Pesticides acknowledged to present particularly high levels of acute or chronic hazards to health and the environment. Accordingly, there are relevant binding International Agreements and Conventions to promote awareness of the risks of using HHPs.

This Guide, produced by the CORESTA Agrochemicals Advisory Committee (ACAC), promotes these awareness actions in tobacco leaf production. The Guide’s purpose is to facilitate the access to key basic information on HHPs, such as: identification; risk assessment and risk mitigation; and elimination. It adds to existing Guides dealing with responsible agrochemical management published by CORESTA.

The Guide is directed towards all stakeholders in the tobacco leaf production and supply sectors, including decision-makers, managers, agronomists, pest control, extension and training specialists, field supervisors and growers and is based on published documents available in the public domain.


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