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Joint Experiment Technical Study (JETS) Final Report 16/1 Dithiocarbamates in Tobacco

AA Technical Report

April 2017 Ref. AA-075-CTR

Annual proficiency tests on tobacco containing CPA residues have been conducted by CORESTA-FAPAS since 2005. To further evaluate the various results on several agrochemicals in the proficiency tests Joint Experiments Technical Studies (JETS) are performed.

The CORESTA Sub-Group Agrochemical Analysis (SG AA) decided to perform a JETS on Dithiocarbamates due to the fact that only seven out of the thirty laboratories that participated in CORESTA-FAPAS proficiency test in 2015 were able to obtain a satisfactory z-score within ±2.

This JETS report describes a mini-proficiency test to further evaluate Dithiocarbamates on tobacco using both an incurred sample and an artificially spiked sample.